Precision Hydrometers for over 20 years For Business And Home Users

Since its inception G & W instruments has been supplying hydrometers, floating thermometers and various other glass scientific instruments such as:

A.P.I., ASTM, Density Kg/m3, Hydrometers, and Thermohydrometers
for the petroleum industry Brix Hydrometers for sugar processing

Brix Hydrometers for sugar processing

Supplying Instruments to the wholesaler for the brewing industry both for the home brewer and commercial applications

Specific Gravity, Baume, Proof and Tralle, Salt brine, and Quevenne Hydrometers

All instruments can be manufactured both with the thermometer enclosed and without

Certification services traceable to NIST are available

Also G & W Instruments would be happy to quote any and all of your specific needs.


G&W Instruments Inc. carries TM Hydrometers, Hydrometer, Digital Hydrometer, Floating Hydrometer, Thermo Hydrometer,
Specific Gravity Light Hydrometer, Triple Scale Beer and Wine Hydrometer, ASTM84H and Brewing Instruments.